AIC accepts legal internship applications on a rolling basis for Spring semester, Fall semester, and Summer

Organization: AIC is dedicated to protecting the civil rights of children with intersex conditions. These children are born with internal or external sex organs that don’t fit typical definitions of male and female. The routine practice of surgically “normalizing” the genital appearance of these children before they are able to consent has lately come under scrutiny, raising important legal, ethical, medical and social questions. AIC’s mission is to use innovative legal strategies to advocate for the civil rights of children born with variations of reproductive or sexual anatomy. The project engages intersex activists in strategy discussions, stimulates legal dialogue about the fundamental rights of children born with intersex conditions, and employs traditional and non-traditional legal tools to ensure justice for children born with intersex conditions. These activities are grounded in a sense of respect and compassion for the children, parents, doctors and intersex adults involved.  AIC uses a unique model of community lawyering, in which the agency serves as a bridge between legal strategists and grassroots activists to secure legal rights for a newly-forming community.

Position: The internship will primarily involve research and writing on a range of topics, potentially including medical malpractice, informed consent, medical experimentation, parents’ rights, children’s rights, sex and gender, disability law, family law, bioethics, administrative law, medical risk management and medical decision-making. This is a new and rapidly evolving area of law, and there is great potential here for a student interested in working on a writing project or publishable article.  AIC is a small organization, and the intern will work closely with the Executive Director.  The position is flexible and assignments will take the intern’s interests and background into account.  Summer interns are encouraged to seek outside sources of funding; if outside funding is unavailable, a stipend may be available through AIC.  AIC will assist students in obtaining outside funding or course credit.  The project offices are located about 1 hour north of the SF Bay Area.  Telecommuting and flexible scheduling may be possible for a motivated intern.

Requirements: Enrolled in accredited law school.  Strong research and writing skills. Self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision. Familarity with issues affecting the intersex community.

To Apply: Send or email cover letter, resume, and transcript.  Briefly address these questions:

1) What is your interest in working with the intersex community?

2) Do you have any experience with this population?

3) What research directions interest you?

4) What amount of time are you interested in devoting to this internship?

You may email with questions about the project or the structure and scheduling of the internship.  However, please first review our website at  If intersex issues are new to you, please do some basic background reading as well.