A chief pediatric urologist at Cornell University sparked a bioethical storm in 2010 over reports of using vibrators to test the sexual response of little girls. Dr. Dix Poppas of Weill Cornell Medical College shocked many in the medical community after news broke out last week that, after the cutting of female infants’ clitorises deemed too large during “feminization” surgeries, he and a nurse practitioner would subject young patients to annual “sensory testing and vibratory sensory testing.” Below is the major media coverage. The federal Office of Human Research Protection, which conducted an investigation at AIC’s urging, has stated that they will take no further action about the “clitoral sensitivity tests” being done on children at Weill-Cornell Medical College by Dr. Dix Poppas.


Update: Cornell Responds to Criticism of “Genital Sensitivity” testing; Federal Agency Continues Inquiry

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