Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Special Presentation 

Monday, December 3, 1:30 – 3:30pm, Downtown Campus – Free Admission 


Winner of best New Zealand documentary and best editing in Documentary Edge film festival 2012 

Every new parent asks: “Is it a boy or a girl?” But what happens when doctors cannot answer that question? One baby in 2,000 is born with genitalia so ambiguous that it is impossible to tell if the child is male or female. That startling but little-known statistic means the number of intersex babies equals two rugby teams every year. Their birth certificates – instead of showing “male” or “female” – are sometimes marked “I” for indeterminate.

Director Grant Lahood follows Mani Bruce Mitchell, NZ’s first “out” intersex person, as he/she travels to meet other intersex people living in America, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia.

Panel Discussion and Screening followed by questions and answers. 


Mani B. Mitchell, Intersex Change Agent, Director (ITANZ) Intersex Trust, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Mani is an educator, counselor, Clinical Supervisor and Media Consultant. Mani has been an active participant in the intersex movement for the last two decades and involved in the making of a number of television and film length documentaries. Mani has worked closely with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and was involved in the transgender enquiry. Mani has travelled extensively and brings passion, creativity, gentleness and a desire for positive change to this issue.

David Cameron Strachan served as the first appointed intersex member to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s LGBT Advisory Committee (2003-2006) and was a member of their Intersex Task Force responsible for the 2004 City Hall public hearing investigating surgical gender assignments on intersex children. The Commissioner’s adopted The Intersex Report in 2005. David wrote Chapter 8 in Intersex in the Age of Ethics and has served on the boards of the Intersex Society of North America and Advocates for Informed Choice. After 15 years of volunteering and educating others about sex and gender variations, he decided to retire and take classes at OLLI.

Anne Tamar-Mattis is the founder and Executive Director of Advocates for Informed Choice, the first organization in the country focusing on legal advocacy for the rights of children born with intersex conditions. She teaches at UC Berkeley School of Law and is in demand around the country as a speaker on topics relating to legal and ethical issues affecting children with intersex conditions.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, SF State Downtown Campus, 835 Market Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco