Children with DSDs or intersex conditions in foster care are especially in need of protection.  An overburdened foster care system may have difficulty providing the continuity of care and individualized decision-making these children need.  AIC can help foster care officials, court appointed advocates, caseworkers and foster parents understand the legal rights of children with intersex conditions in their care.  We can connect child advocates with resources, helping them understand the needs of these special children and locate appropriate placements.

In some cases, the treatment proposed for children with intersex conditions is elective, unproven, controversial and irreversible.  Some treatments involve sterilization, risk of incorrect gender assignment or potential for permanent loss of sexual function.  Where a state agency is providing consent for such treatment, the state is risking considerable liability.  AIC can provide state agencies with information about the legal rights of children with intersex conditions or DSDs so they can protect those rights while ensuring the best care.

Please check back here as this section grows.  If you have questions about bullying or about school accommodation for children with intersex conditions or DSDs, contact AIC.