There are currently many unanswered legal questions about informed consent when children with intersex conditions or DSDs receive medical treatment, especially when that treatment involves genitoplasty (reshaping the genitals) or sterilization (removing gonads with the potential for fertility). AIC is working to improve protocols for informed consent in order to improve patient care and the quality of decision-making.

AIC is interested in hearing from parents, health care providers, mental health providers, and adults or teens with intersex conditions or DSDs who have something to say about what parents need to know in making these decisions. We think that each of these groups has valuable information for parents who have to make decisions about health care for their child with a DSD or intersex condition.

AIC offers consultation and training for hospitals, doctors and other health care providers who want to understand more about the current state of the law.  Improving informed consent protocols can improve patient care and reduce exposure to liability.

We are currently developing our internet resources.  Please check back here as this section grows.  If you have questions about informed consent to medical care for children with DSDs or intersex conditions, or if you would like to share information with us, contact AIC. If you would like to share your perspective on informed consent with others, see our discussion board. If you would like to arrange for a training or presentation, see our Health Professionals page.