Among the legal analysis and information that AIC provides, is an ongoing column in the monthly medical journal, Endocrine Today. Here are links to our most recent columns:

October, 2011 – Experimental status of prenatal dexamethasone for CAH re-affirmed

(Co-authors: Alice Dreger, Ph.D., Ellen K. Feder, Ph.D.)

May, 2011 – Americans with Disabilities Act removes barriers for wide range of patients

February, 2011 – DSD and genital surgery: Are caregivers failing the ‘thank you’ test?

October, 2010 – Peer support a lifeline for many with DSD

June, 2010 – Research into outcomes of treatment for children with differences of sex development demands caution

March, 2010 – Giving pediatric patients a voice in treatment of DSD

January, 2010 – Case study: informed consent and management of DSD

October, 2009 – Exploring gray areas in the law about DSD and sterilization

August, 2009 – HIPAA and caring for children with DSD

June, 2009 – The medical gaze and children with DSD: A conversation with a group of medical residents

May, 2009 – What is a person’s ‘legal sex’? In law, as in biology, the components of sex don’t always line up

March, 2009 – What about the locker room?

February, 2009 – Gonadectomy, sterilization and the child with disorders of sex development

December, 2008 – Easing transitions with gender assignment

November, 2008 – Medical decision-making and the child with a DSD